What Are Vionic Shoes and How Can They Help Me?

Did you know that your foot-ankle complex is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, and a network of more than 100 different muscles, ligaments, and tendons? With the essential and sometimes demanding job of bearing your full body weight whenever you stand, walk, run, or jump, your feet are built to be incredibly strong, flexible, stable, and dependable.

While it may seem unbelievable, your feet will carry you some 75,000 miles by the time you turn 50; if you’re more active than the average American, they’ll probably cover much more ground. That’s truly a remarkable feat! 

For as tough and resilient as your feet may be, however, near-constant activity leaves them susceptible to a wide range of painful and debilitating injuries, conditions, and biomechanical problems. Luckily, wearing the right shoes can go a long way in keeping your feet healthy and preventing the kind of foot pain that can stop you in your tracks. 

Switching to Vionic® shoes with innovative Orthaheel Technology can help you avoid foot pain before it starts. Vionic shoes can also help you resolve common foot problems before they have a chance to develop into something more serious or even disabling. Here’s what we at Dr. Frank Henry’s office think you should know.   

Shoes: The foundation for healthy feet

You wear shoes to protect and support your feet, but if you’re like many people, you probably rank style and function as the two most important features when it’s time to buy a new pair. 

If you need dressy or formal footwear, for example, you head to that section in the shoe store and look for the most appealing pair. If they fit your feet and look good — even if they’re not too comfortable or supportive — chances are you’ll still buy them. 

Unfortunately, wearing the wrong shoes can spell disaster for your feet. Many common foot problems — including heel pain, neuromas, collapsed arches, calluses, corns, and bunions — are either the result of or exacerbated by wearing the wrong shoes. In fact, wearing the wrong shoes plays a central part in most cases of foot pain.  

Wearing overly narrow, tight, pointy, high, thin-soled, unsupportive, or worn out shoes doesn’t simply increase your risk of foot problems — it also boosts your chances of developing the kind of poor biomechanics that can give rise to chronic ankle, knee, hip, or back problems.  

Vionic shoes: A step ahead of the rest

Even if you’re a self-proclaimed fashionista who unashamedly prefers style over comfort any day of the week, the shoe and fashion industry simply doesn’t provide many options that are equally stylish and supportive in the first place. What’s more, the supportive orthopedic shoes developed by podiatrists and the health care industry generally aren’t very fashion-forward. 

Developed from the award-winning Orthaheel Technology created by renowned podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, Vionic shoes are designed to bridge the gap between fashion and function so you never have to choose between style and comfort again.  

As one of the first heat-moldable shoe inserts, the Orthaheel orthotic was the world’s first and only true orthotic device available without a doctor’s prescription. Embedded in every pair of Vionic shoes, this cutting-edge technology provides concealed Vio Motion Support designed to stabilize your feet and support your body’s natural alignment from the ground up. 

Vionic shoes are made with:   

In short, Vionic shoes provide the kind of comfort and support your feet need to stay healthy and problem-free so they can carry you beyond those first 75,000 miles with ease.

Orthaheel Technology: Anyone can benefit

Anyone can benefit from Vionic shoes with Orthaheel Technology — even if you don’t have any obvious foot problems or biomechanical issues, wearing Vionics is one of the best things you can do to maintain healthy feet and reduce your risk of common footwear-related conditions.  

If you are affected by foot pain, or if your age, occupation, or activity level makes you more susceptible to developing foot problems, Vionic shoes can give you the support you need to keep your feet strong, flexible, stable, and dependable.

Orthaheel Technology can be particularly beneficial for adults past the age of 50, people whose jobs keep them on their feet all day, pregnant women and other people who are carrying extra body weight, and runners or other high-intensity athletes. 

If you’re ready to find the best-fitting footwear for your unique foot structure, we can help. Call your nearest office in Victoria or Marble Falls, Texas, today, or use the convenient online tool to schedule a visit with Dr. Henry. 

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